Accounting, Payroll
and Financial Support for Fintech Companies

Fintech companies have been experiencing a strong exponential growth in the last few years due to the facility and security they give to the society.They allow people to digitally access and manage their finances, but who is responsible for the accounting of these companies? Startup founders have to deal with a lot of obligations and their time is precious,this is why our team can make their jobs much easier! Don’t worry, your finances will be in great hands.

Get Your Accounting & Bookkeeping Right With Finvisor

These companies manage everybody’s finances but also need to have their own money managed. This is why our team can help, we have expertise on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, credit risk, cybersecurity and data privacy.  It’s crucial to have an excellent accounting team, mistakes are very common and consequences could be terrible.

Let Us Manage Your Accounts Payable & Receivable

Identifying how much money is coming in and out of the company is really important to manage its cash flow. Recording invoices and bills, processing payments and setting up a vendor for payment are tasks that you would not have to worry about if you work with us.

Get Your Compliance & Tax Streamlined With Finvisor

Tax law is complex and ever-changing and it’s essential to have everything updated. However, you don't need to figure out how to file franchise taxes or calculate your tax liability if that's not your forte. Finvisor has an expert team in tax and compliance who could assist you with everything, from beginning to end.

Get Your Payroll & Benefits Managed With Finvisor

When starting a business it's very important to think about your employees. How are they going to be paid? Who will be responsible for worker’s compensation and insurance?  Payroll and Human resources are extremely important for your company to succeed. All the tasks they involve might feel a bit overwhelming but you don’t have to do everything on your own, our team can help you with all your outsourced HR management and payroll requirements.

Your Trusted Advisor

Do you want to scale your fintech startup? Finvisor has the best advisory team that will help you explore tax savings, make strategic decisions, understand your challenges and give personalized solutions. Providing the specialized accounting expertise your fintech needs will make your company succeed.

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