Accounting, Payroll
and Financial Support for Edtech Companies

Educational technology enhances teacher-led learning in classrooms and improves students’ education outcomes. They involve complex and integrated processes that aim to bridge the gap between classroom learning and digital learning. This industry is really important for the future workers of our country and we would love to be part of it and make it a bit easier.

Get Your Accounting & Bookkeeping Right With Finvisor

Edtech companies operate in a rapidly changing market so it’s essential to have good financial management.

If you have a startup but don’t have much experience, trust us! We can manage your accounts for you. Finvisor can keep track of your day-to-day bookkeeping, your system onboarding and manage your inventory among other things.


Let Us Manage Your Accounts Payable & Receivable

Every business must ensure timely and accurate processing of Forms 1099 and vendor invoices but they are not the only things you have to do. Finvisor can help you achieve better results by taking care of your financial operations, completing tasks like recording bills, creating invoices, checking your cash flow position or processing payments.

Get Your Compliance & Tax Streamlined With Finvisor

Despite contributing to education and innovation, Edtech companies have to pay several taxes. Tax management can be a difficult task but our team can make it much easier.

Calculating tax liability, franchise tax or tax return won’t be a problem for you!


Get Your Payroll & Benefits Managed With Finvisor

When managing payroll for your startup, you have to make sure you are staying up-to-date on payroll taxes, onboarding new employees to payroll, and health benefits plans. You also have to stay compliant with employment laws. All of this and much more is what Finvisor can do for you!

Your Trusted Advisor

The early stages of an Edtech startup are crucial, mistakes are very common and we can help you avoid them. Our professional team can guide you through the different stages your company will face and help you make strategic decisions for the better of your business.

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