Xero vs Bench: The Ultimate Guide

What is Xero vs Bench?

Both Xero and Bench Accounting are programs made for bookkeeping. Here, we will dive into the pros and cons of each software so you can determine which is best for your organization. 

What software should I use for my organization?

There are benefits and advantages to each system. Choosing between Xero and Bench comes down to the platforms you need to use, the pricing that suits your budget, and the business you operate. 

Xero Pros


Xero is a well-established bookkeeping platform, established in 2006. That time on the market has allowed Xero to grow quickly and gain popularity. The company surpassed two million global subscribers in 2019, making it one of the most popular accounting software worldwide. 


Xero is affordable for bookkeeping, starting at $11 per month. The software does not have a free version but Xero does offer a free trial. Pricing continues to a $32/month and $62/month tier, both of which offer additional features. The $32/month tier is useful for most small businesses, while the $62/month tier is valuable for multi-currency or larger companies.

Accounting Made Easy

Xero makes accounting easy with a cloud-based system accessible from any device that can access the internet. Many accounting tasks are automated. A robust dashboard allows users to track balances, invoices, bills, cash flow, sales, and more. Many users find the system simple to access and use.  In addition, Xero provides an app where cash can be reconciled, and Xero’s reports are flexible.  Xero also has built-in reports for Management reports, Budget vs Actuals, Cashflow, and Annual Accounts for non-US customers.

Desktop and Mobile Versions

As a cloud-based service, Xero does not require any downloads or installations to run. It offers both desktop and mobile versions, all on a web-based platform. Whether your business uses iOS or Android operating systems, users should be able to access Xero readily. 

International (Canada, Australia, UK)

Xero boasts a global presence, with international users and cross-country collaboration thanks to the cloud-based system that enables access from anywhere. Xero also offers multi-currency accounting in more than 160 currencies for companies operating multi-nationally.


Complex (But Powerful) Menu System

One complaint from users seen in various reviews of Xero is its lack of customer support. The company first points people to Xero Central for online help, learning, and discussions. To get in touch for personalized help, clients have to hit a “Get in Touch” button and wait for someone to email or call.

Little to No Customer Support (User Complaints)

One complaint from users seen in various reviews of Xero is its lack of customer support. The company first points people to Xero Central for online help, learning, and discussions. To get in touch for personalized help, clients have to hit a “Get in Touch” button and wait for someone to email or call.

May Be Difficult to Manage for SBOs

For small business owners, Xero may be difficult to manage. It is a manual accounting software, so there is more work required to make it work. If a small business owner is not financially minded or does not have the time to invest in management, Xero won’t reach its potential.

Bench Pros

Sleek UX

Bench Accounting is known to be highly intuitive. At the same time, the company offers access to their team of real-life experts. Every customer who signs up for Bench is matched through their online app, following a phone call consultation. The system integrates with the client’s bank, merchant processor, and credit card company so transactions are generated automatically.

All-in-one Basic Solution

Bench is pricier than Xero. However, the access to features and teams of accountants still makes it affordable compared to some other solutions, or to an in-house bookkeeping team. The starter package begins at $159 a month, up to $419 a month for the corporate account. A free trial is available for each package and will help determine if specialized booking is necessary. 


Bench is as close to handing off bookkeeping to someone else as it gets with a software solution. Because the company focuses solely on bookkeeping and tax filing, they handle all business transactions, ledgers, and financial statements. It is a simple solution because organizations can leave the work largely to Bench. 

Desktop and Mobile Versions

Bench has both desktop and mobile access so that users can keep track of their business anywhere they have a device. 

Bench CONS

No Automatic 1099 Support

Bench Accounting bookkeepers cannot help with filing a 1099. They can track and produce a 1099 report, however. 

More Expensive Than Xero

Price-wise Bench is more expensive than Xero but offers more services. Bench is more like hiring a team of professionals, while Xero is more like paying for the platform itself. Depending on your needs, one may suit your budget better than another. 

Some Users Complain the System is Too Simple

Bench only handles some aspects of bookkeeping and financials, so it may not be robust enough for organizations with more complex needs.  While you can pair Xero and a strong outsourced accounting firm, there is a limit to the type of work – especially accrual-based transactions – that can be managed in Bench.

Xero vs Bench Summary

Xero vs Bench for SBOs


While Xero is a manual system requiring input from SBOs to set up, Bench is essentially outsourcing bookkeeping to a team of professionals. For the busy small business owner, Bench may be preferable. However, it does come at a higher cost than the self-directed Xero.

Xero vs Bench for Self-Employed

Bench suits freelancers and self-employed people with its various subscription packages. It does not offer invoicing, bill payment, payroll or inventory management, however. Xero is also highly customizable and scalable for self-employed individuals, and features include invoicing. 

Xero vs Bench for Growing Operations

Both Xero and Bench offer scalable plans and features. The Bench team reviews client plans annually to ensure it continues to satisfy their needs. Xero is scalable from the start, with unlimited team members and integration with hundreds of other apps.

Xero vs Bench for Corporations

Xero works for medium to large businesses with multiple users, though it does not offer payroll features. Bench suggests that it is not ideal for businesses with over $500,000 in annual revenue, as it is a modified cash-basis accounting system.



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