Accounting, Payroll
and Financial Support for AI Companies

Artificial intelligence has been growing very quickly in the last few years and is expected to improve other industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and customer service. Computer science is constantly evolving so experts must stay focused on it. We can help by managing their financial responsibilities.

Get Your Accounting & Bookkeeping Right With Finvisor

When talking about artificial intelligence, a lot of people believe that jobs regarding accounting will cease to exist. The truth is that currently, AI cannot replace human accountants given that machines cannot take responsibility for an audit opinion, or other complex accounting principles like ASC 606 . This is why Finvisor can help you, AI can’t do everything for you but we can!


Let Us Manage Your Accounts Payable & Receivable

It is very common to have account payable and receivable processes automated by artificial intelligence. However, it’s essential to have a team working on it in case of any problem, such as a build-up of overdue invoices that can cause downstream issues with cash flow. This team could be Finvisor, join us and you won’t see a bill ever again.


Get Your Compliance & Tax Streamlined With Finvisor

In these industries R&D tax credits are very common to encourage investment in innovation and technology development. However, there are much more taxes these companies will face. It’s important to work closely with tax professionals to understand the specific tax implications that your company requires. Finvisor can help you be up-to-date with every single one of them!

Get Your Payroll & Benefits Managed With Finvisor

As every industry, artificial intelligence companies must think about their payroll processes. Onboarding, tax registration forms and health benefit plans are essential for a business to survive. It’s probably not a priority for you, but it is for us. So let us help you and all the responsibility will be on us!


Your Trusted Advisor

The Artificial intelligence industry is evolving so fast that many permissions and ethical issues are being discussed. The government is taking decisions which affect these businesses all the time, so having a professional advisor is crucial. Our team is the best at what they do, contact us and you will have all the necessary information up-to-date!

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